Health, Safety and Enviromental Policy

Our HSE Policy

The protection of Health, the Safety and the protection of the Environment represent a value, an asset and a behaviour of our organisation, both in philosophical terms and as an awareness that  are an essential and integral part in the optimum realisation of products/service and hence in the achievement of the Company’s objectives in satisfying Clients.

The objectives to which the company assigns greatest importance are:

  • The safeguard of health both of the workers and of the population;
  • The protection of the environment;
  • The protection of the population’s possession and of the Company's property.

The compliance with the policy, the regulations and procedures in question, lies within the responsibilities of the operative staff that will be appropriately supported and aided by assigned Central Units and branches.
Telford, in its effort to set health, safety and environmental company standards, will therefore:

  • Provide and maintain a safe, healthy working environment in compliance with all local regulations and legislation, and with all appropriate international standards and regulations.
  • Ensure that all items in the plants, the equipment and all substances used in its diverse operations are properly used, maintained or handled in a manner so as not to constitute a risk to people or to the environment.
  • Ensure that all employees are informed of the operational and HSE standards, practices, objectives and procedures by training them in the attitude, skills and knowledge in order to achieve these requirements.
  • Ensure that all employees are made aware of their own responsibilities toward themselves, others and the environment, encouraging them to adopt safe, healthy working practices at all times during the course of their activities. Similar responsibilities must be undertaken by subcontractors that will be selected and checked also relatively to their performance in the field of HSE
  • Ensure capillary information through reports, analyses and communications concerning the results of accidents and injuries. The Company will promote continuous consultations and updates concerning problems linked to health, safety and the environment.
  • Enforce a system at all levels of the company enabling to assess and discuss HSE procedures and practice by holding regular meetings between senior management and staff representatives
  • Establish feed-back procedures to encourage all personnel to participate in matters of health and safety
  • Carry out regular audits, inspections and surveys of all the company's sites and activities to ensure the compliance with the standards and conditions
  • Assess all prospective activities, new jobs, developments, acquisitions or changes to ensure their compliance with the standards and requirements.

Telford is certain that all personnel will acknowledge and comprehend the present policy and the HSE plan, so to maintain our Company at the highest levels and among the most prosperous and advanced companies on the market.

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